Regions of France

France is presently divided up into 22 principal regions, although this is changing shortly, and each of these regions are then subdivided into 96 departments, all with their own character and entity. For tourism purposes, it is generally agreed that France is divided into six tourist areas from North West France down to Le Midi in the south-east.

France's land area is about double that of the United Kingdom or four times the size of England with a similar population and, because of this, when driving in France, it is so much more pleasurable than in the UK due to the fewer number of cars unless you are driving in cities and Paris in particular!

We have tried with our new website to make navigating as easy as possible to help you find your ideal home and each property will be listed under its department. On the map page, please click on a region and then a sublist showing each department within that region will appear to the right. Click on the department that you are interested in and all of the properties will be listed. We would like to point out that this list is not exhaustive and we have access to many more properties in France via the agents with whom we work.

Within each department, we have provided some basic information on that area, climate and culture which we hope will be helpful and informative.